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Here comes the sun....


It's a bit of a dark and dreary day out there today.  After the beautiful blue skies, and crisp sunny weather we had over the weekend it almost seems all the more grey and wet.  What we need is a little more sunshine - so here are a few 'sunny' stories from around the world to brighten up the day, and chase those dark clouds away.

Get ready to smile..........

Kids Wrap Lamp Poles With Free Coats to Keep Homeless People Warm

At first, the people in Halifax, Nova Scotia were perplexed when they saw lamp posts around town sporting warm jackets stuffed with scarves and mittens. Looking closer, little notes attached to the items informed anyone on the street they were giveaways to all who might be cold.

Staff at a McDonald’s restaurant in England went above and beyond to put a smile on the face of one very special 93-year-old customer. To honour Scott, last week the staff decided to throw him a little surprise birthday party, complete with banners, balloons, whiskey and shortbread. They even gave him a special gift: his Happy Meals going forward will be free.

A pair of unnamed Dutch police officers responded to a call in Eindhoven when a hypoglycemic mother fell ill and had to be rushed to the emergency room. The mother of five young children was suffering from low blood sugar and had to leave the children unattended while she went to to the hospital for treatment. The police officers were left in charge of the children. They kept the kids entertained and made them fried egg sandwiches with fresh fruit when they got peckish. The cherry on top of it all was the fact that they pair left the house cleaner than they found it. They reportedly washed a sink full of dishes.

When a young boy was getting teased over his shoes, his fellow classmate decides to do the sweetest thing ever. In a Facebook clip that has gone viral this week, a young student gave a brand new pair of Nike LeBron sneakers to a his friend, who was apparently getting bullied for his shoes. In the video, the young boy is seen walking into the classroom with an orange Nike box hidden behind his back. As he pulls it out and reveals a new pair of shoes to his fellow classmate, the young boy’s reaction is full of joy.

.............and have a great week!