SELLING - Our 10-Step Marketing Plan

Why Use a Realtor®? 

It takes a trusted Realtor® to move your house quickly, professionally and profitably.

When it’s time to sell, you must be confident that every element of negotiating the best terms and the highest price has been set before your home is even listed.

To begin, look through the resources I have provided. This information will help get you started in assessing your real estate situation and planning for a stress-free and successful sale. 

When you decide to sell I will be your guide, will work hard and co-operate with you to make yours a great sale. Please take a look at my 10-Step Marketing Plan below - designed to obtain the highest possible sale price and get the job done for you:


1.    A computerized Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is prepared and updated as required. You will be kept informed on prices and market conditions on an on-going basis.

2.     Promotional descriptions are prepared, highlighting the special attributes of the property for buyers and Real Estate agents. As soon as I receive the photos of your property from our photographer I compile a Feature Sheet. This Feature Sheet highlights the details of my clients' homes. I include the MLS data sheet, a Davenport map showing location of the listing, floor plans, a copy of the title and Property Disclosure Statement (PDS). I make the Title and PDS available for other Realtors® to help them when writing an offer, thus saving valuable time waiting for copies of the documents.

3.    The listing is processed for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) and the Royal LePage sign is placed on your property – the sign of Excellence, Trust and Integrity.

4.    Your listing information is immediately conveyed to the Royal LePage hotline, all branches and sales representatives of all companies in the Victoria area and Vancouver Island. Pictures and full property information is made available to each sales representative who specializes in the area or expresses interest.

5.    Other marketing techniques: I advertise on my personal website, in the Victoria Best Homes publication; by Open House and by Agents’ Tours (at your request), and a number of other different online real estate sites.

6.    Your listing is thus promoted worldwide on the most viewed real estate websites, including my own. A record/tracking sheet of all showings and enquiries is maintained. 

7.    As appropriate, I will discuss feedback from buyers, comments on price, and any new sales information that affects the sale of your property.

8.    I meet with other sales representatives regularly to discuss and promote my listings, as well as to obtain feedback.

9.    I negotiate to obtain the highest possible price and most favourable terms for you, on offers.

10. Once sold, follow-up is carried out to ensure that paperwork is fully completed and forwarded to the appropriate parties, (i.e. your lawyer).


What costs can you expect when selling your home?

  • the commission/fee you agreed to pay your brokerage;
  • the legal fees to discharge any existing mortgage whether or not you engage your own lawyer;
  • the Harmonized Services Tax (12% HST) on the real estate commission and on your legal fees;
  • any prepayment penalty levied by the financial institution for early payout of an existing mortgage;
  • your share of the property taxes for the year if the current year's taxes have not yet been paid, plus any penalties due for late payment of unpaid taxes.