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Putting a roof over your head..........

That may sound simple - but did you know how many different types of roof there are?
And how many factors need to be considered when deciding on the most appropriate roof type?  Weather conditions and climate, geographical location (is the area flat, or mountainous), the size of the building and what is will be used for - are just a few of the things that have to be thought about to start with!

Roof images.jpg

And while you are considering all of those things - how about deciding on what is the best, most advantageous materials to use?  Slate versus Wood?
What is the most durable, or which will give your home the best protection agains the elements, or the most economical?

roofing materials.jpg

But whatever your roofing requirements, and ultimate decision, don't look sheepish and let the grass grow.....over your head....!

sheep roof.jpg